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Each selected project contributes to efficient cooperation between the territories of the Caribbean. The INTERREG Caribbean program has two deposit modalities for projects:

1 / the call for expression of interest (AMI)
The dates of launching and reception of applications as well as the particular modalities of each call for projects are the subject of a specific communication on the program's website as well as in the media.

2 / deposit over the water
The filing of complete application files in continuous (over water) is possible throughout the program. The files received under this procedure will be examined by the SC and presented to the Selection Committee, which will decide on their programming.

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Approved projects

Projects are validated by the INTERREG Caribbean Program Selection Committee. To date...

Project lifecycle

Projects have a lead partner who is responsible for coordinating the application and submission process. He is the interlocutor of the Managing Authority, the Joint Secretariat and the Regional Contact Points.
If project funding is approved, the leader becomes responsible for its management and implementation. On the other hand, he is legally and financially responsible for the partnership throughout the project lifecycle.