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INTERREG Caribbean : 3 new projects incorporate the 2014-2020 programmation




The 5th selection committee of the cooperation program INTERREG Caribbean took place on Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019 in Saint-Martin local authority in Marigot, in conformity with the principle of geographic rotation of the committees under the chairmanship of Daniel Gibbs, president of Saint-Martin local authority. 

The selection committee took place in the presence of the Regional Authority of Guadeloupe- the managing authority of the program- represented by Marie-Luce PENCHARD, the second vice-president of the cooperation commission, European affairs and universities as well as the representatives of the Regional Authority of Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique and Saint-Martin, the representatives of Caribbean regional organisations (OECO, ACS, CARIFORUM) and the State representatives.

The goal of the selection committee is to evaluate the projects received as they arises or during the call for expression of interest and to ensure that they appropriately answer to one or many issues of the cooperation area while involving a rich and relevant partnership.


The projects

During this day, the members of the committee decided on 13 projects according to specific regulatory criteria defined by the partnership and the presentations of the project promoters.

To this end, the committee, being aware of the climate stakes and risk of natural disasters, has been sensitive to projects related to the management of natural risks. At the end of the deliberation 3 new projects have been selected.

  • LIGDIH: Feasibility study of geothermic and digital interconnected hubs in the Leeward Islands.
  • INTERREG V, SARGASSO ALGAE CONTROL COOPERATION PROGRAM: Sargasso algae control cooperation program
  • (TEC) Energetic transition in the Caribbean