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Project ELAN – A successful first exchange session



Projet elan 2

The partners of INTERREG ‘Linguistic exchanges and innovative learning with mobility’ (INTERREG ELAN) celebrated the first anniversary of the project execution and took stock of its major achievements.

The first academic year of the project has been marked by many advances regarding student mobility, the formation of education professionals and exchanges of good practices between teachers from Guadeloupe, Martinique and Eastern Caribbean countries.

In order to make their participation in immersion programs in the Caribbean easier, more than 40 students received a 700 € monthly grant as well as an allocation compensating for around 80% of the round trip transportation cost.

In April 2019, a group of five teachers from Dominica participated in a working group with French as a Foreign Language including a cultural immersion in French and Creole and the access to multiple educational resources. Moreover 80 primary school and high school teachers of the Academy of Martinique participated in a series of working groups which lasted 14 days and were organised in the English Language Teaching Centre of the West Indies University campus (WIU) at Cave Hill (Barbados).

During this first year of the project INTERREG ELAN execution, 14 master’s degree students from Martinique and Guadeloupe were able to take part in an immersion and comparative research project in Saint-Lucia.

These activities also promoted the establishment of lasting partnerships between many institutions.

The partners of the project INTERREG ELAN admitted that numerous activities were not completed because of the COVID-19 sanitary crisis.

However they indicated that the project had not been subjected to major financial impact during this period.

Finally, the partners reaffirmed their engagement concerning the pursuit of the project INTERREG ELAN execution which would be finalised in December 2020.

sources: Bilan de la 1ère année du projet INTERREG ELAN - OECS Media Release

The project ELAN .... in brief

Projet elan 2

The project INTERREG ELAN was introduced by the Academy of Martinique in 2019 with the support of the Public Interest Group - Continuing Training Integration. It pursues three major goals:

  • Reinforce the skills of young people from the Caribbean,
  • Help the professional immersion along,
  • Reinforce the attractiveness and competitiveness of the Caribbean territories and countries.