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The project INTERREG PACAM presents its show 'La main de la mer'




CREATION OF CONTEMPORARY DANCE AND CIRCUS after staying at the Artchipel – national scene of Guadeloupe – from January 21st to February 7th.

During 6 weeks, the partners of the project INTERREG Caraïbes PACAM presented an artistic creation in Guadeloupe, Martinique and Saint-Lucia.

Metis’Gwa, Le Plus Petit Cirque du Monde (the smallest circus in the world) - centre of circus arts and emerging cultures - Touka danses - centre of national choreographic development and the Artchipel - the national scene of Guadeloupe - are pleased to invite you to the creation of “La main de la mer”, a circus and dance play with 7 performers.

Directed by Gaëtan Levêque (AOC group, associated artist to le Plus petit cirque du monde)


- September 26th and 27th of 2020, wine harvest festival, city of Bagneux (île-de-france)                                         

- March 2021, Colombia / Venezuela (postponed because of Covid-19)

- 2021, Jamaica (postponed because of Covid-19)






Le Plus Petit Cirque du Monde, Touka Danses CDCN French Guiana, Artchipel - national scene of Guadeloupe.




Gaëtan Levêque (France)


Artistic collaboration   

Léo Lérus (Guadeloupe)



Léo Lérus (Guadeloupe), Damien Fournier (France), Hubert Petit Phar (Guadeloupe), Clémence Galliard (France), Violette Wanty (France), Marjorie Bonnaire (France)


Makerson François (Haïti), Natty Montella (Guadeloupe), Ludovic Bibeyron (Guadeloupe), Armony Moore (Guyane) / Shaona Legrand (Guyane)


Tommy Entresangle (La Réunion) / Jules Sadoughi (France), Joana Nicioli (Brésil), Nicolas Fraiseau (France)

Light design

William Leclercq (Guadeloupe)

Music creation

Lydia Barlagne (Guadeloupe), Exxos (Guadeloupe)

Costume designer

Hélène Behar (Guadeloupe)




« La Main de la Mer » is a performance made by a team of 4 dancers from the Caribbean and Amazonia and three circus artists from the Circus Art National Centre

This creation invites the public to a journey across the Antilles memory. Physical exploit or delicate poetry by turns, this play at the crossroad of disciplines lets a common body language emerge through a story paying particular attention and honesty required by History. Let's imaine a voyage from 1640 to nowadays , a common thread guiding us off the beaten tracks of oficial History. Lets take the time to follow men and women, to see the evolution of their relationship, and to see an intimate ready to be told.



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