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READY TOGETHER launches its awareness campaign




This one-month campaign on social media is the first of the various public awareness activities about the CC and RRC that will be led as part of the program READY TOGETHER.

The focus will be on the promotion of the right practices to be better prepared to face natural hazards in the context of an epidemic.

Daily messages will be shared in the Caribbean Region from September 15th to October 13th in honour of the international day for the reduction of disaster risks.

This activity is part of a wider regional public awareness campaign about the reduction of disaster risks and the adaptation to climate change as part of the program READY TOGETHER. The Red Cross and Croissant Rouge movements consider that it is essential to remind the Caribbean individuals and communities that they are exposed to natural hazards such as seismic, volcanic and hydro meteorological risks. They are exacerbated by factors of social, economic and environmental vulnerability, by weak preparation and intervention abilities and by a limited culture of risks.

Share right risks practices on a Caribbean scale



The one-month social media campaign will be broadcast in the Caribbean Region via the network of partnership of the program READY TOGETHER: regional operators of the disaster management (Caribbean Agency of management of disasters, International Federation of the Red Cross and Croissant Rouge firms, Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States, United Nations Office for the reduction of disaster risks), UE INTERREG Caribbean program, French Agency for Development (FAD), Regional Council of Guadeloupe, the French Red Cross territorial delegations as well as the Red Cross National Companies and their partners. The visibility of the messages will be optimized thanks to the use of a common hashtag in every targeted social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter): #READY_Together.



UNDRR which has just agreed to join the public awareness technical Committee READY Together. As a reminder, this committee is composed of: PIRAC/French Red Cross - FICR America and CCST · RCCC (Climate Centre) - OECO - CDEMA - DIPECHOLAC / UNDRR. The main goal of this technical committee is: To harmonise the messages and the terminology - To ensure effective information sharing – To coordinate the activities to ensure that the gap are filled and prevent duplicate initiatives - To insure a wide broadcast of the awareness messages in the entire region.