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Review of the monitoring and selection committee of december 6th and 7th 2018




The cooperation program INTERREG Caribbean organises the 5th steering Committee and 4th selection Committee on December 6th and 7th 2018 in Fort-de-France, Martinique.

In accordance with the principle of geographic rotation of the Committees, the presidency will be led to the President of the Regional Authority of Martinique, Alfred MARIE-JEANNE. The Regional Authority of Guadeloupe – the managing authority of the program – will be represented by Marie-Luce PENCHARD, the second vice-president of the commission of cooperation, European affairs and universities.

During these two days, Guadeloupe, Guiana, Martinique, Saint-Martin, the representatives of the Caribbean regional organisations (OECS, AEC, CARIFORUM) and the States representatives will carry out a mid-term assessment of the program 2014- 2020. In this context the agenda of the steering committee planned on December 6th will mainly focus on the progress of the program in financial and regulatory level. The next day the selection Committee will decide on the 4 projects that will be submitted to it.

It is worth noting that the projects are evaluated and examined beforehand by the Joint Administration as well as the partners of the program gathered in a technical committee. All the projects submitted by the project promoter are evaluated according to precise regulatory criteria and according to selection criteria defined by the partnership.

The Territorial European Cooperation INTERREG Caribbean program has a total budget of 85.7 million of euros including 64.2 million of euros from the European Regional Fund Development distributed over the priorities of the program.

In addition of the ERFD a budget of 2, 940 million euros from the European Development Fund delegated to the managing authority (Regional authority of Guadeloupe), in order to financially support the Caribbean project promoters engaged in a project INTERREG Caribbean. Thus during the steering committee on December 6th a progress report will be realised on the recent signing of an amendment to the convention between the Regional Authority of Guadeloupe and the European Commission.

INTERREG Caribbean aims to answer the common stakes and challenges of the countries and territories of the Caribbean area especially by financing structuring and mutually beneficial projects.