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A database is a collection of information that is organised so it can easily be accessed, managed, and updated.

base de données
date of completion

The date of completion is the fixed calendar date specified in a contract to complete a project.

date de clôture
de minimis aid

De Minimis Aid is small amounts (see: de minimis ceiling) of public funding constituing State Aid (see: state aid) given to a single beneficiary which is unlikely to distorst the competition.

aide de minimis
de minimis ceiling

De Minimis Ceiling is the maximum amount of public funding given to a single beneficiary (up to €200,000 over a 3-year fiscal period) that has a negligible impact on trade and competition, and does not require notification.

plafond de minimis
Decision (EU law)

A decision (EU law) is an EU legislative act binding on those to whom it is addressed (e.g., an EU country or an individual company), and is directly applicable.

décision (droit de l'UE)

De-commitment is a mechanism that aims to improve both the speed of programme development and the monitoring of flows of programme funding. The yearly allocations of a programme budget are defined in the Cooperation Programme. These funds have to be spent within three years (by the end of n+3). If they have not been spent they are returned to the European Commission and ‘de-committed’ from the programme.

dégagement d'office

A delay is a period of time before an activity or delivery occurs, when the activity or delivery will take place later than originally planned. Departure from the timeplan.


A deliverable is a side-product or service of the project that contributes to the development of a project's main output.


Depreciation is the loss in value of an asset over time. The full purchase price of an asset is eligible if the item is solely used for the project during its total economic and depreciable lifetime. Depreciation may be eligible, provided the cost relates exclusively to the period of support and that no public grants have contributed towards the acquisition of the depreciated asset.

description of management and control system

The description of management and control system contains details of all the systems needed for adequate management of a programme.

description du système de gestion et de contrôle

Deviation is any departure from the original plan presented in the application form. Deviations are minor changes from the workplan (can be positive or negative in the sense of a delay) which (according to programme rules) don't require an official change procedure, as opposed to changes which require a change procedure (according to programme rules).

direct costs

Direct costs are costs that can be attributed directly to the project. They are directly related to an individual activity of the partner organisation, where the link with this individual activity can be demonstrated (for instance, through direct time registration). (HIT)

coûts directs
Directive (EU law)

A Directive (EU law) is a legislative act that sets out a goal that all EU countries must achieve. However, it is up to the individual countries to devise their own laws on how to reach these goals.

Directive (droit de l'UE)
Directorate General (EU)

A Directorate-General (DG) is the term given to the individual departments/services The European Commission is divided into.

Direction générale (UE)
dissemination of results

Dissemination of results is the process of making the results and outputs of a project available to the stakeholders and to a wider audience. Dissemination is essential for take-up, and take-up is crucial for the success of the project and for the sustainability of outputs in the long term.

diffusion des résultats
double financing/funding

Double financing/funding is what happens when the same item (expenditure) is submitted for reimbursement to several donors in order to obtain payment for that item from all of them.

double financement

Durability of project outputs and results refers to the long-lasting effect of a project's achievements beyond project duration.

durabilité / pérénnité