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net revenue

Net revenue is cash in-flows directly paid by users for the goods or services provided by the project, such as charges borne directly by users for the use of infrastructure, sale or rent of land or buildings, or payments for services less any operating costs and replacement costs of short-life equipment incurred during the corresponding period. (HIT)

recette nette
non-governmental organisation (NGO)

A non-governmental organisation (NGO) is an organization that is neither a part of a government nor a conventional for-profit business. Usually set up by ordinary citizens, NGOs may be funded by governments, foundations, businesses, or private persons.

organisation non gouvernementale (ONG)
NUTS: common classification of territorial units for statistics

Abbreviated as NUTS, The Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics has been created by Eurostat in order to provide a standard classification of the EU territory. It is a geographical nomenclature subdividing the territory of the European Union into regions at three different levels. (HIT)

NUTS: nomenclature commune des unités territoriales statistiques