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macro-regional strategy

Macro-regional strategy is an integrated framework endorsed by the European Council to address common challenges faced by a defined geographical area. Single macro-regional strategy is developed for Member States and other countries located in the same geographical area benefiting from strengthened cooperation and coordination contributing to achievement of economic, social and territorial cohesion. Implementation of a macro-regioal strategy may be supported by any fund or programme operated at EU, national, regional or even local level.

stratégie macro-régionale
Managing Authority (MA)

The Managing Authority (MA) is the operationally-responsible body of the programme. It ensures the effective and efficient implementation of the programme, and delivers the programme strategy in accordance with preset quality standards. The MA therefore takes the lead in establishing systems and procedures, and ensures that these are maintained. The MA usually handles the more formal communications ‘upwards’ to the Member States and the European Commission (EC).

autorité de gestion
Member State (MS)

A Member State is a state that is a member of the European Union. The EU currently has 28 Member States.

État membre

Minutes are permanent, formal, detailed written records of discussions held and decisions taken at an official meeting.

procès-verbal, compte-rendu

Monitoring is an administrative procedure used to assure that the inputs (budget and activities) and outputs are in line with the original plan (programme strategy or application) and that the expenditure incurred complies with the rules of eligibility.

Monitoring Committee (MC)

The Monitoring Committee (MC) is a committee which provides each Member State with representation in the programme and is steered by the programme interest. The principle task of the MC is to ensure the quality and effectiveness of implementation and the accountability of the programme implementation. It takes decisions on programme level and needs to be kept informed of progress towards programme objectives, the status of programme finances and any problems in programme level bodies and procedures.

comité de suivi

A municipality is a town, city, or other district with powers of local self-government.